All work fully insured and guaranteed*


(Excluding costs of parts)

  • Wheels and tyres inspected for wear and pressure.

  • Chain checked for wear, wiped and lubricated.

  • Gears and brakes adjusted.

Bicycle Shop


(Excluding costs of parts)

  • Wheels: Rims checked for damage and wear; wheel bearings checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary.

  • Headset: Checked for free movement and adjusted.

  • Chain: Checked for wear, cleaned and lubricated.

  • Cassette (rear cog) & Chainset (front cog): Checked and cleaned.

  • Bottom Bracket: Checked for free movement and adjusted.

  • Seatpost: Removed, cleaned and regreased.

  • Pedals: Removed, cleaned and greased.

Bike Wheel Fix


Noticing a noise as you're riding along? Maybe the gears aren't quite changing properly or the brakes need adjusting? Whatever the issue, get in touch so I can take a look and get you riding along smoothly once more.

Bicycle Store

*Terms and Conditions of Guarantee

All work is guaranteed for six months.

What the guarantee includes:

Any recurring fault of work carried out - this must be the same part that originally needed repair. The work needed to fix any recurring fault will be carried out Free of Charge (FOC) for a period of six months from the date of repair.

What the guarantee does not cover:

Any manufacturing fault with a part that was replaced (this will be covered by the manufacturer's own warranty.

Any fault that may be caused by abnormal use of the bicycle.